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Friday Favorites: Do the Health Benefits of Coffee Apply to Everyone?

Fri, 03/24/2023 - 06:50
Genetic differences in caffeine metabolism may explain the Jekyll and Hyde effects of coffee.

Oatmeal Diet Put to the Test for Diabetes Treatment

Wed, 03/22/2023 - 06:50
What are the extraordinary, lasting benefits we may get from a few days of an oatmeal diet?

How Does Oatmeal Help with Blood Sugars?

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 06:50
The prebiotic fiber in oats helps to explain why oatmeal can improve diabetic control.

Friday Favorites: Benefits of Blueberries for Artery Function

Fri, 03/17/2023 - 06:50
What is the optimum dose of wild blueberries to eat at a meal?

Is Oatmeal Good for People with Diabetes?

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 06:50
Before there was insulin, there was the “oatmeal cure.”

The Impacts of Plant-Based Diets on Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Mon, 03/13/2023 - 06:50
Why do people who eat more plants get less breast and prostate cancer?

Friday Favorites: Coconut Water for Athletic Performance vs. Sports Drinks

Fri, 03/10/2023 - 06:50
Coconut water is tested head-to-head against plain water and sports drinks in athletes.

Does Coffee Inhibit Iron Absorption? What Are the Effects of Having Too Much Iron?

Wed, 03/08/2023 - 06:50
Coffee and common herbal teas impair iron absorption, which may help explain some of their benefits.

Comparing Vegetarian and Vegan Athletic Performance, Endurance, and Strength

Mon, 03/06/2023 - 06:50
Long-term plant-based eating may improve exercise capacity and endurance.

Friday Favorites: Do Sunflower Seeds Cause Acne?

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 06:50
Should we be concerned about the pimples, cadmium, and “colonic crunch” associated with consumption of sunflower seeds?

The Role of Endotoxins in Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 06:50
Why can a single meal high in saturated fat impair cognition?

Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: Groatnola

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 06:50
Dr. Greger whips up another of his go-to breakfast meals.

Friday Favorites: Best Foods to Avoid for Eczema & Exclusion Diets for Eczema

Fri, 02/24/2023 - 06:50
Randomized, double-blind, controlled trials suggest that excluding certain foods, such as eggs and chicken, can significantly improve atopic dermatitis. Infants of mothers randomized to cut out eggs, milk, and fish were significantly less likely to have eczema even years later.

Vinegar for Blood Sugar Control and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Treatment

Wed, 02/22/2023 - 06:50
Apple cider vinegar may help with ovulatory function in those with PCOS.

Does Getting Enough Sleep Help You Lose Weight?

Mon, 02/20/2023 - 06:50
Even getting just one more hour of sleep a night may help with weight control.

Friday Favorites: How Much Lead Is in Organic Chicken Soup (Bone Broth)?

Fri, 02/17/2023 - 06:50
Let’s review lead from occupational exposures, shooting ranges, eggs, and bone broth.

Does Lack of Sleep Cause You to Gain Weight?

Wed, 02/15/2023 - 06:50
Those randomized to 8.5 hours of sleep a night lost significantly more body fat than those who got 5.5 hours.

The Best Diet for Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Relief

Mon, 02/13/2023 - 06:50
Anti-inflammatory diets can be effective in alleviating chronic pain syndromes.

Friday Favorites: Benefits of Beans for Peripheral Vascular Disease

Fri, 02/10/2023 - 06:50
Do legumes—beans, chickpeas, split peas, and lentils—work only to prevent disease, or can they help treat and reverse it as well?

Treating Parkinson’s Disease with Fava Beans (Faba or Broad Beans)

Wed, 02/08/2023 - 06:50
Fava bean sprouts and soy nuts are put to the test for Parkinson’s disease as natural sources of L-dopa.