Fall Back

  • Posted on: 2 November 2019
  • By: Gianni

Fall lasted for a couple of weeks, a couple of weeks ago.  It switched abruptly to winter on Halloween Night.  The leaves haven't fallen yet but the temperatures have.

Falling back could be a time of reflecting on the season but I'm really not feelin' it.   There's so much still moving forward and tomorrow it will be dark at 5pm.  I want my hour back.

We've acquired 4 very large cold frames, several loads of woodchips, added a covered side porch to the house and leveled a pad to build a multi-use "Barn"  The Garlic is planted, the flower bulbs are going in the ground and all the berry swales are getting weeded & mulched.  Hay & woodchip distribution will require the majority of our outdoor time for the next few months.  The chickens are currently fertilizing a section of The River, only 2 guineas survive.  The tree swales we made in the spring have done well with about an 80% survival rate so far, out of several hundred native fruit & nut trees.  Because we had the 1st hard freeze a couple of days ago; we've got a house full of green veggies that are ripe when they're red and 18 shopping bags full of greens & seeds saved from The River.

About the productivity this season...  We grew A LOT MORE FOOD than we did last year in, this our second year at this location.  I'm sure that next year we will see the same kind of exponential growth as our soil building methods begin to mature.

It's Fall
It's Fall