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Wild Art Farm is an evolving, creative exercise in natural food production & wildcrafting.  We practice growing healthy non gmo heirloom fruits & vegetables and herbs in concert with nature without the use of chemicals.  We also harvest a wide array of wild foods and medicinals that are available to us on our 40 acres, mule not included.  

We offer heirloom, exotic and Appalachian standard produce at farmers markets and preserve our excess for personal use through canning, dehydrating, making tinctures, salves and wildcrafted wine.  


Due to some of life's little ordeals, we didn't get to farm in 2017. 

However, in the fall of 2017 we relocated to our very own land.  In our 2nd year on this land  we will continue to establish perennial areas, build soil and cut paths.  We are creating a few nice campsites this year, establishing a 2 acre food forest and intend to build some more WWOOFer quarters and a harvest processing station.