Dried Produce

All FarmaSoupicals can be shipped to the Continental United States

Borago Officinalis

dried Calendula Flower packs

1 ounce dried

Herbal Medicinal Chillapia Fish Coat

Chill Out Your Fish

Echinacea Purpurea
1/2 oz

Elderberry Flowers
1/4 oz 

Garlic Scape Harvest

Culinary Garlic

Fresh Young Sassafras Leaves make it Real Gumbo Filé

approximately 1.25 oz

Crataegus monogyna

passioflora incarnata

passion flower 

Peppermint Tea

17 grams

Pesto Crunch - dried Pesto

shelf stable Pesto Spice

Small Dried Bag

Toothache Buds


Pinus Strobus
1/4 oz

Leonotis Leonurus

Yarrow Flower

1 ounce dried