Fresh Produce

All FarmaSoupicals can be shipped to the Continental United States

Mild & Sweet

Elaeagnus Umbellata

Sweet Genovese Basil

Sweet Genovese &
Purple Genovese

Cavolo Nero

Thornless Blackberry

Wild or Tame Blackberries

Wild Himalayan Blackberries

Thorny Blackberries


 Multiple Varieties

Borago Officinalis


Day Lilly Edible Petals

Hemerocallis Fulva

Free Range Chicken Eggs

Garlic Scape Harvest

Culinary Garlic

Young Garlic Scapes

per pound

Dried Tops or Fresh Whole

Fresh Young Sassafras Leaves make it Real Gumbo Filé

approximately 1.25 oz

Jimmy Nardello's

Sweet Italian Frying Pepper

Chenopodium Giganteum/Album

Sweet Red Pepper

Market More Cucumbers


M.C. "Radiator Charlie" Byles shows off the fruits of his labor, the Mortgage Lifter tomato, for a Virginia newspaper in the mid-1960s. (Photo courtesy of Jeff McCormack)

Radiator Charlie’s
Mortgage Lifter Tomato

String Beans

Nasturtium Flowers

Tropaeolum Majus
edible Flowers & Greens

Origanum Vulgare

Scallop Patty Pan Squash


Perilla, Shiso, Korean Basil

Perilla Frutescens
1/2 ounce

Purple Bumblebee Tomato


Purple Jalepeno Peppers

6000 scoville heat units

Fresh Spilanthes in the field

FRESH Spilanthes Buds

Fresh Herb

Crook Neck and Fortune Straight Neck Yellow Squash

Crook Neck and Straight Neck