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Calendula Officinalis (Pot Marigold), while related to marigold flowers, is not to be confused with Marigold. The delicate daisy-like flower tops of Calendula are the highly prized medicinal aspect of this plant and we take great care in harvesting them at their peak of performance to insure the quality of our products. Calendula graces our gardens with its bright flowers from late spring through fall, a touch of sunshine sprung from the earth. Indeed, as a tea, calendula is a pick me up herb and an important lymphatic cleanser.  It can clear out peripheral lymphatic stagnation accompanied by lingering infections.

During the middle ages, peasants saved and dried these bright flowers throughout the growing season to add to their winter stews, hence the name pot marigold. In some parts of the world Calendula is also known as Egyptian saffron, due to the color that it can impart into cooked dishes.

Calendula resembles Arnica in its healing power, and these days it is primarily employed as a topical, in the form of salves and lotions for the skin. It helps to heal skin irritations and is safe enough to use for treating diaper rash. It helps to enliven dry and aging skin and firms and tones it.

* Calendula  should not be used by pregnant or nursing women and is contraindicated when using sedatives.

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dried Calendula Flower packs
dried Calendula Flower packs

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