Early Hibiscus Seeds


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Hibiscus Sabdariffa

THIS VARIETY of Hibiscus will begin flowering as early as July if started indoors in early spring, even in northern latitudes. Most hibiscus species begin flowering in autumn in northern gardens, by which time the plants are in danger of frost.

Seeds easily germinate at about 1/4" deep.
Mist generously and cover with plastic to kept warm.
Seeds will usually germinate in a few days.
Transplant outdoors in full sun after all danger of frost has past.

Shrubs grow to 5' in a matter of months. They prefer rich moist soil, full sun and are suitable for large containers. They flowers are edible and the glossy red calyxes make a beautiful, delicious tea.

Our seed is fresh, from our 2021 harvest.

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Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus Flower

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