Elderberry Flowers
1/4 oz 

The umbrels of the Sambucus Nigra and Canadensis bear delicate white flowers in June which develop into the blue-black elderberry by early autumn. In european folk medicine, Elder is considered a prime remedy for most ailments. and was dubbed the "folks medicine chest". During the victorian era, Elderflower was also used is as a beauty tonic, to lighten freckles and refine complexions. Elder-flower infusions were added to bath-water to refresh and sooth irritable nerves, and in some cases, to relieve itchy skin. Elderflower is an aromaic cooling herb that is rich in volatile oils and fatty acids, coumarins, bitters, flavonoids, sterols, mucilage and tannins that are believed to assist in building the immune system. 

Elderflowers were traditionally used in teas to:
-bring the blood to the surface and open the pores, to reduce heat, by causing sweating
-disperse the blood in congested cases or where there is swelling or irritation
-improve oxygenation
-elimination from the colon and kidneys
-relaxant, removing spasmodic cough, stomach spasm or intestinal colic. 


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