Evening Primrose Seed


400 seed

Best Variety for Medicine Making
From 2021 Harvest

Self sowing biennial wild flower, growing in a rosette its first year with bright translucent yellow flowers at dusk or on cloudy days in its second year.

Easy to grow.
2-6’ in height 2-6’ round space first year plants at least 1’ apart
Germination in 1-2 weeks
Do not cover seeds with soil. Free sow late fall or early spring, sprinkle and press in.
Or sprinkle in medium and keep moist with direct light at no more than 65F, transplant out after all danger of frost has passed.

All parts are edible.
Flowers in salads. Flowers and leaves in teas. Roots can be eaten as a vegetable; shoots as a salad. All have GLA content. Evening Primrose Oil (which is processed from the seeds) contains gammalinolenic acid (GLA) read here for info on GLA.

Primrose is widely used for PMS. Evening Primrose oil also has a positive healing effect with heart and vascular diseases. If one is growing their own primrose, you can ingest the raw seed to the same effect (like using flax seed) sprinkle seed directly on food. We personally use dried flowers and leaves as a menstrual relief tea in our household and make a tincture of root, leaf, flower and seed pod for use in relief of pelvic congestion.

To read more about primrose and its medicinal applications read here.

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bucket of Evening Primrose Flowers
bucket of Evening Primrose Flowers

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