Spilanthes - Dried


Toothache Plant

The toothache plant is an amazing healing device.  The anti-bacterial and anti-viral, antiseptic qualities of this beautiful flower bud will shock your senses.

Although Spilanthes is sometimes used a spice for it's mouth watering effect or as a cocktail garnish for it's sensational qualities; the most mind blowing use of this plant is to put a small pinch directly on your toothache and let it sit there.  Not only will the Toothache Plant numb your pain for an extended period of time it will also kill off the bacteria and infection that may be the cause of your pain. 

Commercial toothache solutions can cost you several dollars a day to use and are largely acknowledged to be ineffective.   In most scenarios 1 bud of a Toothache Plant can ease your pain for an entire day while also promoting healing at a fraction of the cost until you can see your dentist.

These buds are also sometimes tinctured and used for mouth wash to fight gum disease or teething pain or as a topical numbing agent for cleaning wounds and abrasions.

*Prolonged ingestion of this plant should be avoided because it kills bacteria indiscriminately and can be harmful to your gut flora.  So you should avoid swallowing the plant matter or too much juice when using it for your toothache.
Culinary benefits are achieved with portions as small as a few flakes and if used on a limited basis should not significantly harm your system.

Also available in the Bloody Wound Kit, Spilanthes Tincture & Spilanthes Tonic

High therapeutic potential of Spilanthes acmella: A review

Cocktails, Recipes and Medicinal Uses

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Toothache Buds
Toothache Buds

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