What Can You Eat on Your Land?

  • Posted on: 22 December 2018
  • By: Gianni

Golden RodOne of the basic principles of self sufficiency and resilience is the abilility to feed yourself. As long as you've got money and the store's open that's how most people do it.  If you've got a garden it takes some investment of money to start it and a considerable investment of time to maintain it.  And yet, most people overlook or even scoff at the idea of harvesting food from the wild.  Food and medicine, that you don't have to invest anything more than harvest and prep time to get.  We think that's wasteful so we'd like to show you what you've already got on your land. 

Lamb's QuarterHarvesting wild food and medicine makes you more independant, lowers your food bill, and consistently gives you a more nutritious meal than store bought.  Wild food grows without your pampering, whether it's rainy or not, sunny or not.  It's often invasive if you don't harvest it...  It's going to be there, you can fight it with poison and blades or you can eat it into submission.

If you have a little land it's likely that you have free nutritious food growing there already.  Gianni and Chappall will walk your land with you, point out what's edible, what's medicinal, and guide you about it's harvest & use. 

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If you have a larger plot it's not going to be economical for you to have us walk the whole thing with you as you will most likely find more of the same through out your property, but if you want us to examine more than 15 acres with you we can.