Would you benefit from working side by side with us on Permaculture, Wildcrafting, Herbalism & No Till sustainability projects here at Wild Art Farm? 

Apply to WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) @ WAF by sending us your inquiry.  We are open to POOSHers too.  Please include your areas of interest and areas of existing expertise.  This is a volunteer position where you will be fed well and housed in the historic N.O.madjik Media Bus, now retired. 
Bus space is limited but you can bring your tent or small camper.

We have a few years of experience and look forward to sharing knowledge and learning from you too.

In the coming year we will be continuing to develop...
WAF Property Map

    • a 2 acre Food Forest on contour,
    • a 1 acre swale system for perennial bush crops and herbs,
    • developing our 2 acre Never Till field crop area,
    • building a greenhouse & event space for future festivals,
    • installing a 1/2 acre of steep slope terrace gardens,
    • replacing most grass with medicinal/beneficial ground cover,
    • cutting path systems through our woodland areas,
    • and inoculating our woodlands with more native medicinal plants.

you won't go hungry

Volunteers with a knack for creativity, art and out of the box thinking are the best fit.  Knowledge of tools and building experience a plus.

High Speed internet and work space available to continue following your own creative muse.

We live minimally and hope to begin transitioning the farm off grid in our 2nd year so don't expect luxuries.

WWOOFers  & POOSHers could become WAFers
The details will take a few years to workout but eventually this farm is intended to be a worker owned business with worker/owner housing for 6 to 8 adults.

If you are considering volunteering here
please read our volunteer guidelines and expectations.

If you are not a part of the WWOOFer or POOSHer systems
Just Contact Us