Shippable Items

We can Ship These Items to the Continental United States only; sorry 'bout that.

Wild Blackberry Basil Jam 8oz

8 oz

Herbal Medicinal Wound Care Kit


dried Calendula Flower packs

1 ounce dried

Herbal Medicinal Chillapia Fish Coat

Chill Out Your Fish

Cosmos Seed Mix

100+ mixed Cosmos seed

CoViddles Medicinal Soup Seasoning Pack

Herbal COVID Support Soup

Immune System Support Soup

Immune System Boost Soup

 Japanese Indigo Seed

Persicaria tinctoria

Marigold Seed Mix

2g packet

Perilla, Shiso, Korean Basil

Perilla Frutescens
1/2 ounce

Rock Stars

Found Art

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Spilanthes Tincture 2 ounce

2 oz

Spilanthes Tonic 4 0unce

4 oz

Lima Bean and Turkey Spring Tonic

Detox Soup

Toothache Buds


Leonotis Leonurus

Yarrow Flower

1 ounce dried

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