breath mint size Spilanthes flowers 

Herbal Buzz Button Mints
A mild short lived Buzz Button Effect.

Great for dry mouth, palate cleansing, breath refresher.

Makes a Great Gifts
Awesome Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Favors

These are the herbal equivalent of refreshing pop rocks with AntiBacterial, AntiViral, AntiSeptic and AntiFungal properties to sanitize your mouth.

The effervescent numbing effect of Spilanthanol is in full effect but these puny little flowers require much less of a commitment than their full sized Buzz Button counterparts.

They also stimulate saliva production so they can be very helpful for those suffering from medication related dry mouth.

5.55 each or packs of 4 or 20 for cheaper at our Etsy or Amazon Store.  Contact us for large bulk wholesale prices.

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More Information about the many uses of Spilanthes
We recommend that you do additional research regarding the herbal supplements you are considering taking, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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PUNY BUZZ NUTS mint sized spilanthes flowers
PUNY BUZZ NUTS mint sized spilanthes flowers

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