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It's Fall

Fall lasted for a couple of weeks, a couple of weeks ago.  It switched abruptly to winter on Halloween Night.  The leaves haven't fallen yet but the temperatures have.

Land Stewards: Gerald Wisner passes the torch.  - October '17

Wow, where to begin, breaking new ground on the new farm has been challenging, exciting and totally overwhelming for the 2 of us. 

fall 2014 road and brush

~ by Gianni on our previous farm

Last fall we began working to transform a hillside cow pasture, over run with sumac and ragweed, into a system of terraced planting spaces that utilizes the rain water that had been rutting out our road to irrigate the field.  Nick named Terrace Heights; the system currently includes 2 swales, a collection pool and 4 terraces.

Vertical PVC Grow Tubes in the Greenhouse hold lettuce strawberry and Nasturtium.  They get watered from the top and in trickles down better than money.

It's April 20th; instead of preparing for our annual party that is not happening AGAIN, I sit here contemplating our progress through the wackiest year ever.   We are essentially shut ins.  So we're making lots of progress on the farm.