tomato faceA small band of so called former artists and performers work the fields of Wild Art Farm; an evolving, creative exercise in natural food production & wildcrafting.

We grow healthy non gmo heirloom fruits & vegetables and herbs in concert with nature without the use of chemicals.  We also harvest a wide array of wild foods and medicinals that are available to us on our 40 acres, mule not included.  

We offer heirloom, exotic and Appalachian standard produce at local farmers markets and medicinal, herbal based health food products to our customers throughout the United States.

Never Till Practices / Benefits

We do not till.
Aside from making holes for transplants, occasionally stirrup hoeing or broad forking and poking seeds in the ground our land has not been tilled in at least 25 years.  We build new,  organic matter rich soil on top; leaving our underlying soil structure undisturbed.  This means the ecosystem of our soil does not have to contend with the destructive nature of fast moving metal. Instead, we engage in biologically-intensive, human-scale methods to manage our fields and growing spaces.